Will not let farmers into any trouble

10 Jun 2017
Will not let farmers into any trouble

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan began an indefinite fast here today at BHEL Dussehra ground for peace in the state. Addressing the agitating farmers of state he said that every breath of his is dedicated to the development of the state and for the welfare of farmers. Farming and farmers’ welfare has always been the priority of the state government. The Chief Minister said that the government is ready for dialogue but will not allow anyone to set the state afire at any cost. He said that a few people with vested interests were spreading rumours that the government will not give farmers even a rupee. Condemning this strongly he said that he is ready to give his life for farmers. Cabinet members and representatives of farmers’ organizations were present in support of the Chief Minister.

CM Shri Chouhan said that not violence but dialogue and peace are the solution to every problem. He said that no one can benefit from violence. Government is always ready for dialogue. He said that he is ready to give up his life for farmers and will not let farmers fall into any trouble. Raj dharma will be followed to protect people and public property. Those who try to destroy peace will be sternly dealt with. Not farmers but a handful of people were spreading violence and strict action will be taken against them. He said that once the state becomes chaotic, things will become difficult. He said that he is sitting on fast to spread the message of humanity, love and peace. Adopting undemocratic methods is incorrect.

Shri Chouhan said that he is ever ready for discussion and dialogue. He will not let the peace in the state get destroyed. Some people were found trying to spread violence among farmers which is not right. He said that government is with the affected farmers’ families. We understand their agony and pain. If peace is destroyed nothing will be gained out of it. Urging agitating farmers to choose the path of dialogue he said that he will continue to fast till peace is not established in the state.

Shri Chouhan said that state’s pro-farmers’ policies have led to rise in agricultural production. 40 lakh hectare area is being irrigated. Efforts have been made to stop Malwa from turning into a desert. The interest on agriculture loan has been reduced to zero per cent from 12 per cent. Farmers have been given the facility of returning Rs 90,000 on taking a loan of Rs one lakh. Farmers are receiving adequate power. Whenever farmers had any trouble, he did not stay at home but went to them. Reducing cost of farming, giving fertilizers and seeds on time and bringing diversity in crops has yielded good results. A relief of Rs 4,800 crore has been given to farmers following a bad crop of soyabean and Rs 4,400 crore has been given of insurance. Efforts are being made to double the income of farmers. He said that government’s policies have let to bumper production of crops. The stores are full of grains. Due to more production, prices have come down but government is committed to give farmers beneficial price. Keeping the situation in mind, the government has decided to purchase onions at Rs 8 per kg and tuar, urad and summer moong on support price. All efforts will be made to ensure that farmers get beneficial price.

The Chief Minister said that without the will of farmers, their land will not be taken from them. For this a law will be brought. A scheme will be made for defaulter farmers so that they become eligible to take loans again and use the loan amount to the utmost. Instruction has been given for payment through RTGS. An agriculture Cost and Marketing Commission is being formed to fix agricultural produce cost value and to get the beneficial price for farmers. A Value Stabilization Fund is being set up with a provision of Rs 1,000 crores. This will help farmers at a time when prices come down due to high production.

Shri Chouhan said that relief will be granted to those whose private property has been destroyed due to the violent agitation. About 800 policemen are injured besides milk and vegetables have been destroyed. Nearly 197 buses were set afire. The fact that milk was thrown is not acceptable. Raj dharma will be followed for protection of the people and their property.

Chief Minister held separate discussions on various issues with representatives of farmers’ organizations etc. from different districts.