Historic Plantation Campaign to Begin Today

02 Jul 2017
Historic Plantation Campaign to Begin Today

Madhya Pradesh will become a witness of Grand Plantation campaign being undertaken for environment and Narmada river conservation. 6 crore 67 lakh 50 thousand saplings at the same in a single day will be planted in the state. 24 districts of Narmada basin have been identified for the plantation. Guinness World Record will be set planting over 2 dozen varieties of saplings including fruit bearing and umbrageous trees like Aam, Amla, Neem, Pipal, Bargad, Mahua, Jamun, Kahmer, Shisham, Kadam, Bel, Arjun, Babool, Baans, Imli, Gular, Kher besides Amrood, Santra, Nimbu, Kathal, Sitaphal, Anaar, Achaar, Chikoo, Bair, Munga etc. of agro forestry varieties.

A target has been set to plant 667 lakh 50 thousand saplings in Narmada catchment area of 24 districts on July 2. Under the campaign, 10.50 lakh saplings in Anuppur district, 33 lakh in Dindori district, 50 lakh in Mandla district, 42 lakh in Jabalpur, 6 lakh in Katni, 15 lakh in Indore, 37 lakh in Dhar, 30 lakh in Alirajpur, 45 lakh in Dewas, 25 lakh in Sehore, 35 lakh in Raisen, 55 lakh in Hoshangabad, 46.50 lakh in Harda, 25 lakh in Betul, 16 lakh in Chhindwara, 30 lakh in Seoni, 50 lakh in Narsinghpur, 35 lakh in Khandwa, One lakh in Burhanpur, 48 lakh in Khargone, 25 lakh in Badwani, 2 lakh in Damoh, 2 lakh in Sagar, 3.50 lakh in Balaghat district will be planted.

Arrangement for 3 crore saplings has been made by the Forest department for a day long plantation campaign, remaining 3 crore saplings have been arranged by other departments like Rural Development, Agro forestry, Jan Abhiyan Parishad, Urban Administration, School Education and others. Necessary saplings of agro forestry have been arranged by Forest department and private nurseries besides from other states.

An online registration arrangement has been made by the government for maximum people’s participation in the plantation campaign. Over 6 lakh persons have registered themselves for plantation on the website so far. Over 5 lakh persons are ready to take part in the plantation offline. Plantation work has been fixed from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. In order to maintain transparency of grand plantation campaign, arrangements have been made to upload district wise and departmental wise information of planted saplings from time to time against target on the link ‘Narmada Kachhar Mein Vrakshyaropan 2 July, 2017’ of website of Forest department for common people.


Chief Minister to Undertake Plantation at 4 Places

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will participate in Plantation Programme at 9.00 a.m. in Amarkantak followed by Lamhetaghat of Jabalpur at 12.00 noon. Moreover, CM Chouhan will take part in plantation programme at Chhipaner of district Sehore at 1.30 p.m. followed by Omkareshwar of Khandwa district at 3.00 p.m.

Guinness World Record to be Set

Necessary arrangements have been made to set Guinness World Record for a day long plantation programme. Government officers and employees have been posted in required numbers at each plantation site for certification of planted saplings besides arrangements for photography and video-graphy. GPS reading (Latitude and Longitude) is being taken site for identification of plantation site.