Singapore tour inspired me to do something unprecedented: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

03 Jul 2017
 Singapore tour inspired me to do something unprecedented: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Consulate General of The Republic of Singapore Shri Ajit Singh and Shri Bruce Poh of ITEES Singapore on July 3 met Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The trio had a discussion related to Global Skills Park during the meeting, which was organised at RCVP Noronha Academy of Administration. Chief Secretary Shri B.P Singh and Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Shri Ashok Vernawal were also present on the occasion.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the construction of a Global Skills Park is his dream project. He expressed his gratitude to ITEES Singapore for its assistance in giving shape to the project. He expressed faith that with their assistance the park will be developed into the best institution. Mentioning two journeys of Singapore he said that every journey of Singapore has inspired him to do something new.

Hanuvantiya Tapu in the state has also been developed as a tourist centre on similar lines because tourism brings new employment opportunities. The second journey motivated him to create a skills park after seeing the Global Skills Centre at Singapore.

CM Chouhan said that the Global Skills Park should be built according to international needs with all global-level facilities. He said that efforts are being made to move ahead speedily as per needs of the hour. It is an effort to make new opportunities of employment available in the country and abroad by making a majority of population skillful. This will make skillful labour available in the world. Youth of the state will get fresh opportunities of employment. He said that the talents of the youth trained in Skills Park should be of international standards, for which all expert training service institutes will be welcomed.

Consulate General Shri Ajit Singh said that he is greatly impressed with the determination of the Chief Minister towards development. He has complete faith that the Skills Park will turn out to be the best institution under the leadership of Chief Minister Chouhan. It will also establish a benchmark for quality work for other states. He said that the speed with which the construction of the park is progressing, it is likely to be inaugurated very soon.

Shri Bruce Poh of ITEES said that an effective initiative has been taken to end unemployment in the state. The entire state is witnessing the state’s efforts to find solutions to the problem of unemployment. They have found a new solution to the problem. Praising the efforts and interest of the Chief Minister for skill enhancement of youths, he said that the Skills Park will serve as a model to technical training.