July 2 to be observed as Plantation Day in Madhya Pradesh

04 Jul 2017
July 2 to be observed as Plantation Day in Madhya Pradesh

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that July 2 will be observed as Plantation Day in the state. Grand Plantation programme will be organized again on July 2, 2018. Anniversary of saplings planted and plantation will be undertaken again. He directed that saplings plantation should be carried out necessarily at the proper place at the time of government programmes. CM Chouhan was reviewing the plantation campaign undertaken in the Narmada basin at Mantralaya today. Minister for Public Works Shri Rampal Singh was present on the occasion.

CM Chouhan congratulated public representatives, volunteers, social and religious organizations, common men besides district administration of 24 districts related to plantation in Narmada Basin. He mentioned that resolution to save tree is in true sense is a resolution to save river, environment and earth. He appreciated the commitment of state's people. Moreover, he mentioned that a new milestone of public participation has been set under the plantation programme. Peoples' cooperation has develop a faith to turn impossible into possible. Complete attention should be paid towards efforts for saving saplings. Public Representatives, Administrative Officers and Forest Department's Official should include saplings' survival work in their priority.

Moreover, Chief Minister Chouhan urged the Public Representatives to maintain contact with people who registered themselves for plantation. Make them partner in social activities' programmes in future. Express gratitude towards them. Write a letter or send them a message of thanks necessarily. He said that uploading plantation pictures on social media is an effective mean. Hence, it should be continued. Public movement like plantation programme should be launched for 'Mil Banche' and 'School Chalein Hum' so that every child can go to school.

Minister for Forest Dr. Gourishankar Shejwar said that Forest department will make efforts to set a new benchmark as regard to plants' survival rate.

Green Revolution in State

During the video conferencing, public representative and officers informed that Green Revolution took place in the state on July 2. New history of public participation has been created. A total of 6.63 crore saplings were planted in a single day in the soil of the state. A sense of enthusiasm and eagerness and an atmosphere of celebration were seen among the people. Work to save earth concluded remarkably. People of all the walks of life participated in the campaign taking it as personal responsibility without any discrimination whether they are students, cadets, volunteers, members of defense forces, professionals, traders, social activists and members of religious and cultural organizations.

Innovation in Districts

It was informed that saplings have been surrounded with sharp hedge in district Khargone. Nema family of Nasinghpur presented saplings to their guests as gifts in marriage ceremony. Plantation work was treated by tribal community of Bagli of Dewas as a grand festival. Atmosphere for plantation with traditional songs and dance was amazing. Saplings were planted in 55 thousand acre land in ordinance factories at Jabalpur. J.C.O.s of defense also took part in the plantation programme. Moreover, plantation was carried out in schools and hostels of the district. Water Man Shri Rajendra Singh participated in the campaign at district Dhar. Local community took pledge to keep saplings alive. Ladli Laxmi families of district Raisen planted Munga saplings in compound of their houses. 19 social organizations participated in Alirajpur and planted maximum mango saplings.

Plantation was carried out through livelihood mission in district Betul. Volunteer organizations planted fruit bearing trees and took resolution for their protection. Means to make programme memorable were taken on the occasion. Special plantation was undertaken at the place where poetry was composed by Shri Bhavani Prasad Mishra. Plantation programme was also linked with Tapti Jal Mahotsav. Police personnel planted 50 thousand saplings in Dindori district. Chief Minister Chouhan commended the efforts of Superintendent of Police Sushri Simala Prasad. An emotional appeal in the form of poem became effective to link people with plantation in district Seoni. Plantation in addition to the programme is being carried out by voluntary organizations, N.C.C. and government departments in Sehore district. Over 10 lakh new pits have been dug. Eco-Tourism center will be developed in Badwani. Work to plant grass to protect soil erosion will be started shortly. Public Representatives of Chhindwara informed that such an effective programme for planation has been witnessed first time in the life time. Plantation with a resolve of Green and Clean city was carried out in Indore. Trend for selfie with plants was witnessed in district Katni. An amazing enthusiasm was expressed during the campaign by local community in naxal affected areas of Balaghat. Moreover, an atmosphere of celebrations was witnessed during plantation in Damoh and Sagar districts and scenario of communal harmony was seen in Burhanpur district. Citizens carrying their own tiffin boxes came to take part in plantation at public plantation sites. They served meals to the labourers and enjoyed local fruits. Social respect for women and sentiments were linked to the campaign in Khandwa. Saplings were planted in bride's parents houses in the form of inheritance. First sapling was planted by the daughter-in-laws of the village as a respect towards them.

Information regarding participation of people in plantation campaign was given by the district collectors in the conference. A total of one lakh 82 thousand persons took part in plantation programme in Mandla district. Similarly, 2 lakh 49 thousand in Kahrgone, 2 lakh 32 thousand in Narsinghpur, one lakh 31 thousand in Harda, one lakh in Dewas, 2.50 lakh in Jabalpur, 3 lakh 20 thousand in Khandwa, one lakh 35 thouand in Dhar, 70 thousand in Raisen, one lakh 20 thousand in Badwani, 65 thousand in Chhindwara, 50 thousand in Indore, 2 lakh 55 thousand in Anuppur, one lakh 55 thousand in Katni, 52 thousand in Balaghat, 25 thousand in Damoh and over 2 lakh persons in Hoshangabad participated in plantation programme. In addition to this people along with family members came forward for plantation including elders, youth, women and children.