Message of clean administration to public

19 Jul 2017
Message of clean administration to public

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the message of clean administration should reach the public. Good governance is the government’s topmost priority. He said to the Commissioner and Collectors that revenue administration was basically their job and that they should give topmost priority to keep it fit. Public should get services of Public Service Guarantee Act within the time limit. Delay in the case fine should be imposed besides punitive action should be taken. If any kind of slackness is found, controlling authorities will be answerable and taken to task. Chief Minister Chouhan was addressing the Commissioner-Collectors video conference held today. Revenue Minister Shri Umashankar Gupta, Chief Secretary Shri B.P. Singh were present during the conference.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that an arrangement has been made so that daily status of the redressal of cases under Public Service Guarantee Act will be available on the portal. He himself will review the portal. Department-wise, officer-wise and service-wise information of redressal of cases in their working area will be available for the officials. He told the officials to gear up the system because any irregularity could damage the reputation of the concerned District Collector and Divisional Commissioner. Chief Minister Chouhan instructed that the 53 online services of different departments under Public Service Guarantee Act should be attached to the C.M. Dashboard. The offline 58 services should also be made online. Efforts to reach out information of notified services to the public should be made on war footing. Intensive training should be given to concerned officers/employees.

CM Chouhan said that revenue department is linked directly with the people. Hence, it is necessary that services of the department should be provided to the common men immediately and conveniently. He told the officers to work fixing priorities. Personal reputation of commissioners and collectors are linked with these activities. Every district should make revenue cases’ redressal arrangements pending free. New cases should be redressed within prescribed time limit. There is no single pending case, this should be claimed by the district. Such kind of arrangement should be made. He further mentioned that basic work of revenue officer is revenue services, keep vigil on arrangements by conducting tours and inspections. Launch campaign to bring number of pending cases to zero and prepare scheme for works related to campaign and holding fortnight activities. Moreover, Chief Minister Chouhan also issued instructions for taking care of saplings planted during the plantation grand campaign, flood control, relief- rescue related precautions and to become conscious towards efforts.

Man of Common Person

CM Chouhan dealt strictly with the officers during the conference. He clearly mentioned that he is a man of common people and always goes amid them. He will apprise himself about the ground realities holding direct dialogues with the people. He will obtain information on services of the revenue administration directly from the people. In context to maximum pending cases in revenue court, he instructed Tahsildar Court Sidhi to send clarification related to pending cases at Kusmi , Sidhi and Pondi.