Arrangements for Basic Facilities at Rehabilitation Sites for Sardar Sarovar Displaced Persons

31 Jul 2017
Arrangements for Basic Facilities at Rehabilitation Sites for Sardar Sarovar Displaced Persons

Arrangements towards basic facilities have been made at 39 rehabilitation centres and 50 temporary rehabilitation sheds for 2392 families to be relocated in Badwani district from Sardar Sarovar. 

Other facilities are being provided at rehabilitation centers apart from electricity, road and water. Drinking water has been ensured through 115 hand pumps and 81 power pumps. Network of internal roads has been made and white washing of 171 government buildings has already been completed. Fifty temporary sheds for the families which did not construct houses due to some reasons living in the submergence area have been constructed. Around 1000 such families can be shifted in these camps.

Similarly, 752 families of Kukshi and Manavar block of Dhar affected under Sardar Sarovar package scheme have got Rs 80,000 by submitting affidavits. Rs. 3 crore, 13 lakh and 60,000 were paid to 392 families of Manavar block and Rs 2.88 lakh to 360 families of Kukshi block.

A total of 158 medical officers and paramedical staff have been deputed round the clock at rehabilitation sites for 49 community primary and sub health centers till further order. Fire brigade staff of urban bodies have been deputed at rehabilitation sites with immediate effect. 101.35 km internal roads has been constructed till June 30, 2017 at 17 rehabilitation places in Dhar. The work is going on continuously. Also, facilities like hand pumps for drinking water, tap connection under Nal-Jal Yojana, drains, street light, shed for livestock, fodder and grass are being provided there. Total 221 transformers have been installed for electricity supply in both the blocks of Dhar district. Remaining work is going on speedily. Remaining work for installing transformers and electricity polls is going at pace to ensure 24 hour electricity supply at rehabilitation sites.