Muskan to have her own pucca library

02 Aug 2017
Muskan to have her own pucca library

Muskan Ahirwar, a fifth class student will now have a pucca library of her own. She was running a library in her kachha house in Durganagar slum in the capital. She has started her library with 25 educational books in 2016 which has gradually grown and now accommodates about 1000 books.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan honoured Muskan at his residence and granted Rs 2 lakh assistance fund. He assured her that very soon she will own a one-room pucca library. An overwhelmed Muskan said that now nothing can stop her and the other slum children from moving ahead. Mamaji and his government is with them and now they have to work hard.

Muskan is a student of Glorious Higher Secondary School, Jehangirabad and her elder sister Neha is a 9th standard student of Tatya Tope Higher Secondary School. Her younger brother, studies in Muskan’s school in 4th standard. Akash is in first standard. Her uncle Rakesh Kumar helps in the house. He is engaged in centering work. Muskan’s father Manohar Ahirwar was also engaged in the same work but he passed away on July 7. Says Muskan, “Papa used to say do something big, Study hard. She herself wants to be a doctor.”

Muskan told that the library is open from 5 pm -7 pm. Nearly 20-25 children come to the library. They have to sit on a mat. A few children take the books home and return it later. “I ask questions related to the books and if the children give proper answer, I know they have read them. I have a register to maintain all accounts,” says Muskan.

The Chief Minister said that if girls like Muskan are extended support by the whole society, it won’t be long before the conditions change. Government will extend all possible support.