Government Efforts to be Evaluated from outside also besides Institutional Arrangements

11 Sep 2017
Government Efforts to be Evaluated from outside also besides Institutional Arrangements

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the concept of C.M. Fellows is a result of out of box thinking process. Efforts are being made to evaluate monitoring as well as supervision of schemes and good governance from outside besides institutional arrangements. CM Chouhan was addressing the orientation programme of C.M. Fellows at Atal Bihari Good Governance Institute today. The fellows will present a report to the CM Secretariat after conducting study of government schemes in all the districts.

CM Chouhan urged the fellows to come forward to build poverty, insanitation, corruption, terrorism, casteism, communalism free India. Give innovative ideas and suggestions. Moreover, CM Chouhan told the fellows to travel widely in the district and contact people. Collect feedback on schemes in coordination. Provide new suggestions and ideas based on practical and theoretical experiences without any hesitation for changes utilising their personal talents. CM Chouhan told the fellows to think and work with open heart. It is remarkable opportunity for service to people which will become invaluable for them in future. Their practical thoughts on institutional reforms will be considered with utmost seriousness. Giving reference of various episode of ancient tales, story and prevalent beliefs, he encouraged them to work with patience, enthusiasm, positive approach, without ego and considering everyone as their own. He mentioned that they should go amid the people with simple behavior, sweet tone and sentimental heart. Utilise this historical opportunity in the best manner for contribution in the welfare of people of the state.

Moreover, CM Chouhan stated that Madhya Pradesh government is a sensitive government. Schemes and programmes are being implemented in the state considering people as members of the family. Several initiatives have been taken for social security and good governance which have been emulated by other states. Land ownership rights for housing of each person, public service guarantee act to provide services within time limit, fee for pursuing higher studies for meritorious students, online services, C.M. helpline, Samadhan online, Jan-Sunvai, Ladli Laxmi, reservation for women in local bodies besides other schemes and organising panchayats of all the sections of the society with public participation is innovation. All this became possible by following definite road map. Works have been carried out on target of basic amenities like electricity, water and roads, increase in agriculture income, women empowerment, welfare of poor, roti, kapda and makaan for all and education. The estimated agriculture growth rate is 29.08 percent this year. Irrigation facility has been developed on about 40 lakh hectare area. There are total 24 lakh 50 thousand Lakhpati Ladli laxmis in the state.

CM Chouhan termed the time management, priorities’ planning, physical exercise and personal thoughts as foundation of internal energy during the questions and answers programme with the fellows on the occasion. Life is not meant for us but for others, person working with this spirit is always full of energy. CM Chouhan received personal introduction from each C.M. Fellow and satisfied their curiosity.

Director of the Institute Shri Akhilesh Argal informed that the C.M. fellows will reach each district on September 18. A 15 days long orientation programme is being organized at state level. Next 10 days long programme will be organized at district level. Chief Advisor of the Institute Shri M.M. Upadhyaya in his vote of thanks speech mentioned that a person’s thinking can bring such a big change is a live example of agriculture growth rate of the state.