Every Campaign to Save State’s Rivers will be Conducted with People’s Cooperation: CM

23 Sep 2017
Every Campaign to Save State’s Rivers will be Conducted with People’s Cooperation: CM

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that people of Madhya Pradesh have initiated the campaign first in the country to save river. Narmada Seva Yatra was conducted for a period of 5 months and five days in the state. Every campaign to save the rivers will be conducted with the cooperation of the citizens of the state. CM Chouhan was addressing the programme of Nadi Abhiyan being organized in the tutelage of Sadguru Shri Jaggi Vasudev at CM House today.

CM Chouhan stated that rivers have been considered as mother in our culture. All the civilizations of the world developed at the banks of rivers. We have dried up the rivers which give us life to gain physical progress. Rivers are in bad condition in the country. We cannot think about life without rivers. Crisis of flood, drought and irregular rainfall is always remains. Ground water level is dropping speedily. We have decided to undertake plantation on the banks of the rivers in the guidance of Sadguru Shri Jaggi Vasudev. Six crore 50 lakh saplings have been planted in a single day in the state. Plantation and its safety must become a part of life. Narmada Seva Mission has been started to save rivers and trees. Society should work together with the government in this mission. Sadguru is working to encourage people. This is a campaign to save earth, river and environment. He further mentioned that we should take resolve to make this campaign a part of the life to save earth, river and future generation. CM Chouhan handed over a pledge letter of Nadi Abhiyan to Sadguru on behalf of the citizens of the state.

Sadguru Shri Jaggi Vasudev called upon the youth that 100 committed youths of every state should dedicate themselves for 3 years for this campaign to save rivers. They should not think what will happen to them. He further said that these youths will find a big transformation in them. All these youths will undertake activities together with the governments of the states to save rivers. Moreover, Sadguru asserted that he himself will lead the campaign to save rivers. He urged the youths to organize on foot, cycles, motor cycles rallies for rivers in their respective states.

Discussing about the supernatural experience he felt 35 years ago, Sadguru said that if efforts to save rivers are not made as present, it would take many decades and hard work too in the future. He said that decreasing soil and water is very dangerous. He said that 'Save River' campaign has become now a national campaign. It got support from children, media and armed forces. He said that individual effort would only give personal satisfaction but not solution. That's why protection of environment, soil and water is very essential. He said that it has happened first time in India that 'Save River' campaign has got support in all states. It has got support from all political parties. Now, all people have to get united for this task along with governments. He said that policy to revive rivers should get public support, so that governments keep remembered the public support and resolution for that and start working on it under public pressure. Sadguru said that the Chief Minister's intention and aim is good. He said that for the first time, he is going to combine science and politics for rivers. He said that what is unfortunate is today that we are somewhere contributing for destruction of rivers and environment.

 Padmashree Shri Prahlad Tipaniya recited Saint Kabir's Doha on water and importance of Guru. Chief Minister Chouhan presented shawl-shriphal to Sadguru in presence of all religious heads. Documentaries on importance of life-giving rivers were displayed. Actor Rajesh Kumar conducted the programme. Deputy speaker, Legislative Assembly, Shri Rajendra Singh, wife of Chief Minister, Smt Sadhna Singh and followers of Isha Foundation were present in the programme.