CM Chouhan Meets Acharya Dr. Shivmuni and takes Blessings

06 Oct 2017
CM Chouhan Meets Acharya Dr. Shivmuni and takes Blessings

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan visited Abhay Prashal of Indore and met Dhyan Guru Dr. Shivmuni who is on Chaturmas. He took blessings from Dr. Shivmuni and asked his blessings for the happiness of the people of the state.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that Dr. Shivmuni has blessed people of the state by observing Chaturmas in the state. Acharyaji has enriched the society by penance since over last 32 years, sadhna and meditation.

CM Chouhan further mentioned that he pay obeisance to Acharyaji on behalf of over 7 crore citizens of the state and greet him on behalf of Madhya Pradesh. Following the path shown by the Acharyaji can lead a person to attain salvation. Moreover, Acharyaji by conducting more than 700 meditation camps has shown path to the world which has transmitted new consciousness in the world.

Jain Muni blessed CM Chouhan and presented citation letter to him. Mayor Smt. Malini Laxmansingh Gour, MLAs Shri Sudarshan Gupta and Shri Manoj Patel were present on the occasion.