Youth Must Make India a Developed Nation: President Shri Kovind

11 Nov 2017
Youth Must Make India a Developed Nation: President Shri Kovind

The President Shri Ramnath Kovind has exhorted youth power to transform India into a developed nation from the developing nation. He further mentioned that contributions of the family, society and the country have made youths achieving distinctions today. Youths are indebted to these contributions. They should not forget this debt. In order to pay debt, youths must work in the interest of humanity and should become the creator of developed society. He further mentioned that the ideology in the interest of humanity develops which drifts with history. President Kovind appealed to the youth for cooperation in the development of the country with the ideology of humanity.

The President Shri Kovind was addressing the convocation function at Indira Gandhi National Tribal University in Amarkantak today. Governor Shri Om Praksh Kohli, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chancellor Dr. M.M. Jharwal, Vice Chancellor of Tribal University Shri T.V. Kuttimani, Smt. Savita Kovind, Smt. Sadhna Singh, Minister District In-Charge Anuppur Shri Sanjay Pathak and MP Shri Gyan Singh were present in the convocation ceremony. The President Shri Kovind presented gold medals and degrees to 11 meritorious students as a symbol. Degrees and gold medals were distributed to 1337 students and 130 students respectively during the convocation function.

The President Shri Kovind asserted that the teachers and students are the foundation of any educational institution. India is the witness of that great tradition, where teacher like Chanakya wrote a great chapter of the Indian history through student like Chandragupta. We have to carry forward the same concord between the teachers and the students to establish identity of our cultural heritage at the world level. Moreover, Shri Kovind said that the convocation ceremony of any university is not just a function to honour passing out students but it is an opportunity for the educated, disciplined and committed students to devote themselves for the construction of society and the country. The convocation ceremony is not the end of the education but it is a beginning of responsible life. The President told the students to leave such an image of success by their talents which should become an example before the country. He mentioned that any goal is not small and big, it is just a goal, you must work with full concentration to achieve whatever goal you set. Shri Kovind further mentioned that how much dedication and concentration are needed to achieve the goal can be learned from the life of great scientist Einstein. The President also narrated the stories of Einstein’s dedication, devotion and concentration to the students.

Moreover, the President Shri Kovind said that closeness of Amarkantak teerth and Narmada river both make the beautiful atmosphere of the university pious. There is a heavenly feeling in the atmosphere. Knowledge and peace prevail here. The historic background and spiritualism, amalgamation of both present a story of tribal development. He further said that it has been considered that spiritual conversation took place between the first Guru of Sikh Shri Guru Nanak Dev and Sant Kabir at this place, which has also become the part of Gurugranth in the form of Bani later on. The convocation ceremony at such a place of knowledge holds special importance. This place gives a message of knowledge, truth and humanity to the entire world. Shri Kovind said that establishment of the National Tribal University is utmost helpful for over One crore tribal population dwelling in Madhya Pradesh. The university has been established with an aim to make tribal youth the partner in construction of modern India by giving them an excellent chance in education field through knowledge-science, technology ,art and literature.

Governor Shri Kohli

The Governor Shri Om Prakash Kohli said that most of the students of this university are from tribal community, which are conducting research on tribal art, culture and various natural herbs. He told the students to move forward and contribute fully to make the country a developed nation. Shri Kohli further mentioned that clean, beautiful and picturesque university campus is an example of nature’s love. The university has carried out remarkable work of education and development in a short span.

Chief Minister Chouhan

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that he is very happy to see the students and University’s family in Indian attire in the convocation function. India has been the Vishwa Guru since ancient times. Vedas were written in India. He mentioned that our country never lags behind in talents. Foreign countries are becoming leaders in the field of medical and development by utilizing brains of our country. CM Chouhan further added that talents are always respected in Madhya Pradesh. This will be continued. He said that the state government will encourage any student who wish to set up his/her company in Madhya Pradesh.

CM Chouhan advised the youths to follow the ideals of Swami Vivekanand. He informed that Swami Vivekanand said that there is no dearth of talent in Indian children. All are part of God and are full of unlimited power. They can do anything. He urged the youths to give their best for construction of new India.

Chancellor of the University Shri S.M. Jharwal administered oath to the students in the programme. Deekshant Shobha yatra was set out at the beginning of the convocation ceremony. President Shri Kovind, Governor Shri Kohli, CM Chouhan, Chancellor Shri Jharwal, Unveristy’s staff, students who have been honoured with medals, professors, Vice chancellor Shri T.B. Kuttimani participated in the shobha yatra. Attractive musical presentation was given by the band of SAF Jabalpur during the shobha yatra.