Portal of poor welfare schemes to be made: CM

12 Nov 2017
Portal of poor welfare schemes to be made: CM

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Integrated Poor Welfare Schemes Portal will be made to provide benefits of schemes to the poor. Youth Empowerment Mission will be made for focus on skill upgradation and self-employment of youths. Application and process of approval of Mukhya Mantri Bal Hriday Upchar and Rajya Bimari Sahayta Nidhi Yojana will be made online. Camps will be organized for diagnosis of serious diseases. Chief Minister will review the ground reality of land-rights campaign. State government will get the Public Security Bill passed for capital punishment to criminals guilty of child sexual abuse and urge the Centre. The system of Ahatas at liquor shops will end from next year. Implementation of Charan Paduka Yojana will begin from the month of January. Pradhan Mantri Awas will be given on priority basis to Sahariya, Bhariya and Baiga families in the coming three years These announcements were made by CM Chouhan during his radio programme Dil Se.

The Chief Minister said that the government is with the poor in times of need. Government is fulfilling its responsibility in such a manner to ensure that they face no difficulty. The government is making constant efforts to arrange basic facilities for the poor. The government is making poor welfare agenda and giving a new direction and pace to its efforts under the welfare of the poor year. He called upon the society and voluntary organisations that they should come forward to support the efforts of the government. He said that there is arrangement of accepting donations of woolen clothes at Anandam Kendras. He appealed the public to donate maximum number of woolen clothes. He also laid stress on support from all sections of the society in the fight against injustice, exploitation to ensure a righteous society.

Mentioning the works being undertaken to make farming a profitable business, he said that doubts on the Bhavantar Yojana is baseless. Terming it the first successful experiment in ensuring fair price for crops, he said that farmers are getting price difference of average model rate of selling prices of three states and the support price of the crops under the scheme. The price difference amount will reach the bank accounts of registered farmers by November 20th under the scheme in which crops are sold between October 16 and 31. Government will deposit the price difference amount of Rs 470 per quintal for soyabean, Rs 2400 per quintal for Urad, Rs 1455 per quintal for Moong, Rs 730 per quintal for groundnuts and Rs 235 per quintal for maize in the accounts of farmers. Discussing the drought situation he said that they should not be worried government will take complete care of them. Temporary power connections will be made available for two months also. From now on only 20 percent amount would have to be paid in advance for changing burnt transformers.

Mentioning the Garib Kalyan Agenda Chief Minister Chouhan told that the poor should get proper food so they are being provided wheat, rice and salt at Re 1 per kg. A law has been made to ensure right of a piece of land to every poor born in the state. This is being ensured by the land-rights campaign. He himself will review this, he said. While in big cities where it is not possible to give land to the poor, they are being provided houses in multi-storeyed buildings. CM Chouhan thanked the Prime Minister for sensitive initiatives like Pradhan Mantri Awas, Soubhagya and Ujjawala schemes. He told that nearly 3 lakh houses in cities and nearly 7 lakh houses in villages are being constructed. By 2022, all poor persons will have a roof above their heads. Under Soubhagya Yojana every poor person will have a free power connection. Ujjwala Yojana will ensure that women no longer have to suffer from diseases arising by making food in chulhas.


On the schemes to promote education of children, CM Chouhan said to the children studying in 10th, 11th and 12th that this is the time when the foundation of their future is laid. They should study hard and try to pass with good marks. They need not to worry about fees because the fees will be taken care of by the government he said. On the poor facing difficulty in getting proper treatment of illness due to lack of work and financial constraints, he said that the government has made arrangements for free medical treatment, medicines, pathology tests and free meals in the hospital for the poor and needy. Similarly arrangement has been ensured for treatment of serious diseases through Mukhya Mantri Swechhanudan, Rajya Bimari Sahayta Nidhi Yojana etc.

The CM said that the poor persons will be given every possible assistance in fulfilling their responsibilities of marriage, education and medical treatment. Do not consider girls a burden, he said. Mukhya Mantri Kanyadan/Nikah schemes are being implemented. An integrated portal by the name Garib Kalyan Portal is being set up to ensure that benefits of the various government schemes reach the poor. To end the unjustified system of cycle-rickshaws, e-rickshaws will be introduced. Women labourers of Bhavan Sannirman Karmakar Mandal will from now on get wages of one and a half months on birth of a child, their husbands will be given 15-days leave besides Rs 1000 for laddoos. The implementation of providing shoes/slippers to forest produce collectors will begin from January next year. They will also be provided with water bottles to ensure availability of cold drinking water. Government has ensured fair price for forest produce also. Under the Teerth Darshan Yojana, now the elderly can go for teerth darshan after a gap of five years again. Poor persons can also have a proper quality meal at Rs 5 at Deendayal Antyodaya Rasoi.

In a direct talk with the public during Dil Se programme, the Chief Minister Chouhan said that the Mukhya Mantri Swarozgar, Yuva Udyami and other economic welfare schemes are being implemented to ensure employment to people. Youth are being promoted to set up their own enterprise by being provided 15 per cent grant and 5 percent interest grant for five years besides a guarantee of loan by the government. The government is making efforts to lay down a network of cottage and small industries in the state. Giving information about the Youth Empowerment Mission for focus on skill upgradation and self-employment, the Chief Minister spoke about the significance of self-help groups in establishing economic self-reliance. Thanking Gayatri, Pinky, Laja devi from Neemuch, he said that these women have changed their lives by obtaining 50 percent grant and loan under the Savitri Bai Phule Self-Help-Group Development Scheme. Talking about Sangini Self-Help-Group women earning Rs 8,000 to 10,000 by manufacturing bamboo baskets he said that Priti, Manisha and Ritu from Khandwa St. Raydas Ward obtained training under Mukhya Mantri Kaushal Unnayan Yojana and after forming a self-help group made themselves self-reliant through their beauty culture and hair dressing profession. Similarly 60 youths from Bharatpur Kharahna, Bhainsrah and Kapuri Kothar village of Rampur block in Sidhi district acquired training of swadeshi textile manufacturing craft under Mukhya Mantri Kaushal Unnayan Yojana. These youths have promoted swadeshi besides acquiring employment through market linkage from Tribes India. Each youth is earning Rs 6,000 to 9,000 per year. The government is making efforts that at least 7.5 lakh youths get trained in job-oriented trades and a similar number get their skills upgraded in a year.

The CM said that the state government’s topmost priority is security of women. Arrangement of installation of GPS system in public transport vehicles and CCTV cameras in school and passenger buses will be made. Apart from vigilance of drivers and conductors, their records will be maintained besides ensuring security special arrangements outside women’s and girls hostels, shelter homes etc. Sensitive areas will be marked where police patrolling and adequate lighting will be ensured. Stern legal action will be ensured in cases of sexual exploitation.

Discussing the recent celebrations of festivals and their importance, CM Chouhan stressed on environmental balance. Reiterating government’s commitment for welfare of the poor, he said that government will not leave any stone unturned towards their welfare. On the Madhya Pradesh Foundation Day he said that the state has covered several milestones of development and there are many more to achieve. The support of the society and the general public helps the government to meet its goals of development. With the public support only, a new Madhya Pradesh and New Bharat will be accomplished.