Child Equestrians of Telangana Meet CM Chouhan

26 Dec 2017
Child Equestrians of Telangana Meet CM Chouhan

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was met by the members and child equestrians of Telangana State Equestrian Association today. CM Chouhan congratulated and extended good wishes to the children for winning medal in the ongoing Junior National Equestrian Championship Competition at Bhopal. Coordinator of the team Major T. Swami and Bijendra Singh were also present on the occasion. These children are participating in Junior National Equestrian Championship and Madhya Bharat Equestrian Championship competition.

The Equestrian Competition is being organized by Madhya Pradesh Equestrian Academy. The children of various states are taking part in the competition, which will be held till December 31st Bhopal.