CM Chouhan meets students of Sahariya Residential School

26 Jan 2018
CM Chouhan meets students of Sahariya Residential School

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan along with his wife visited the Eklavya Sahariya girls/boys hostel in Guna on Thursday on Republic Day’s eve. Giving tips on success in life, he told the students to make it a practice to wake up before sunrise and got to bed early. He said they should study well, and that the expenses of their higher education will be borne by the state government. He said that if they study well only then can they become knowledgeable. The Chief Minister told the students that they should have skill to work. He said that Eklavya Residential Schools have been set up in state to provide best education to youth.

CM Chouhan told students that state government will deposit fees for the higher education of students abroad or in Medical College, Engineering College, Polytechnic College etc. The need is that the students should get admission in such colleges so they should put in great effort ad a lot of study. Reminding students of their forthcoming examinations, the Chief Minister said that they should put in more efforts and study with full concentration. They should try their best to make their family and village proud. He said that this applies to the students of all sections of society.

Taking stock of the arrangements at the residential school from the students, CM Chouhan asked them what sort of food they are provided at the hostel, whether they have received books of all subjects or not, why they should study well? The students replied to all the queries of the Chief Minister with ease.

The Chief Minister and his wife served dinner to the students at the hostel and even fed some of them. He instructed the District Collector to make strengthen and improve arrangements at the Eklavya Residential School.

MLA Shri Pannalal Shakhya and Smt. Mamta Meena, District Panchayat President Smt. Archana Chouhan, Nagar Palika President Shri Rajendra Saluja and other public representatives were present on the occasion