Efforts should be made to generate awareness to earn from garbage

16 Mar 2018
Efforts should be made to generate awareness to earn from garbage

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that it is essential to generate awareness to earn income from garbage. He urged youth to conduct innovations for livelihood from the garbage. The government will provide financial assistance in their efforts. A separate fund will be formed, if needed. Shri Chouhan was releasing the book of Journalist Shri Deepak Chourasia, titling “Kuda Dhan’ organised at the auditorium of Rajeev Gandhi Prodhyogiki Vishwavidhlaya today.

Shri Chouhan stated that every object is useful. He said that the state government has implemented the ‘Swachchta se Sankalp’ of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with utmost seriousness. For better utilisation of garbage, efforts have been made to produce electricity by making 26 clusters. Production has already been started at Bhopal and Jabalpur municipal corporations. Sewage system is being made in all the 376 urban bodies. He mentioned that entrepreneurship will be encouraged for better utilization of garbage. Amount can be reserved under the Yuva Udhyami Yojana in case of need of financial assistance for waste management project. He appreciated efforts of the book writer and expressed gratitude for useful thinking for the society.

Mayor Shri Alok Sharma described Madhya Pradesh as a leading state of the country for implementation of Swachchta programmes. He mentioned that efforts have been made at all level for solid waste management