Additional Rs 100 per quintal along with support price on gram, masoor, and mustard Procurement from April 10

24 Mar 2018
Additional Rs 100 per quintal along with support price on gram, masoor, and mustard Procurement from April 10

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, addressing farmers of the state, said today that the government is committed to provide fair price of their agriculture produce. Shri Chouhan said that procurement of gram, masoor and mustard will be carried out on support price from April 10 in 257 mandis. Registration of the farmers under Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana will be applicable for minimum support price for these crops. Farmers who are left in the registration can get themselves registered by March 31. Procurement of these crops will be carried out between April 10 and May 31. Every grain of farmers will be procured.

The Chief Minister said that Rs 100 per quintal will be given additionally on gram, masoor and mustard under the Krishi Samruddhi Yojana. No stone will be left unturned to give the right value to the farmers. He said that they should be cautious of the elements that obstruct the procurement system. Extend support to the government in this regard. In case of any problem or complaint, dial the call center number 0755 2540500. Immediate action will be taken on the complaint.

Shri Chouhan said that there is a need to export farmers' produce. Congratulating farmers for record agriculture production, Shri Chouhan said that an agency will be set up for export of agriculture produces. This agency will guide farmers. This agency will make all required arrangements in coordination with the Government of India so that the produces can be exported abroad.

 Shri Chouhan said that Chief Minister Krishi Samruddhi Yojana has been prepared to give full benefits to farmers for their hard work. Additional benefits will be given to the farmers in it. He said that the wheat will be procured at Rs. 1735 per quintal on support price and the government will provide additional 265 rupees per quintal. Farmers will get this benefit even after selling wheat apart from support price. If good quality wheat is sold at Rs 2000 or Rs 2500 per quintal, then he will get an additional benefit of Rs. 265 per quintal. Even if wheat is not of good quality, this benefit will be available.

The Chief Minister said that the farmers will get Rs 200 per quintal incentive on paddy and wheat sold last year. Amount at the rate of Rs 200 per quintal will be deposited in bank account for wheat and paddy sold last year on April 16. He further stated that April 16 will be the day of happiness for farmers of the state. A new history will be created on this day. He said that bonus of Rs 265 per quintal will be deposited in farmers' bank account on June 10 for wheat to be sold this year.

CM Shri Chouhan said that the farmers used to get a minor relief for their crops earlier. Now they are getting a relief of Rs. 30 thousand per hectare by doubling the amount on irrigated land for over 50 percent crop loss. Benefit of crop insurance is also being given separately. He mentioned that combining both, whatever the loss is will be compensated to the farmers.

Shri Chouhan stated that electricity at flat rate of Rs. 7 thousand is being given to the farmers for irrigation against an amount of Rs. 36 thousand per year, which is paid by the government. Moreover, interest amount is also being paid to the farmers to lift fertliser before the time. Date to pay the agriculture loan on zero percent interest has been extended from March 28 to April 27. Moreover, a decision to give 1600 crore towards drought relief and the same amount against crop insurance has been taken.

Chief Minister further said that arrangement of minimum support price and Bhavantar Bhugtan yojana is being implemented to benefit the farmers. Benefit of both these schemes are being provided to the farmers. He said that along with wheat, gram, mustard and masoor will be purchased on minimum support price. These crops will not be covered under the Bhavantar Bhugtan yojana. Garlic and onion will be purchased under this scheme.

Shri Chouhan mentioned that prices of garlic ahs come down due to the bumper production. Rate of Rs. 3200 per quintal has been fixed for garlic. Onion will also be purchased, if rate of onion comes below Rs. 800 per quintal. Onion was purchased last year too

Doda Choora to be purchased

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan informed that Doda Choora will be purchased by making a transparent arrangement for opium producing farmers of Mandsaur, Neemuch and Ratlam. It will be set ablazed by the government. Farmers will not face any loss at any cost.

Loan to 30 thousand youth

Shri Chouhan said that an amount of Rs. 1900 crore has been given to the farmers for Kharif crops under the Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana. No stone will be left unturned top provide fair artesto the farmers. Referring to the Mukhyamantri Yuva Krishak Udhyami Yojana, Shri Chouhan said that loan to 30 thousand youth will be provided in the current year to set employment related to food processing. Loan guarantee will be taken by the government and will give 15 percent subsidy. Five percent interest subsidy will be given till 7 years. Training and consultancy will be provided to them for value addition.

Deliberations with Center for G.I. registration of Basmati

Shri Chouhan mentioned that discussion was held with the union minister Shri Suresh Prabhu for G.I. registration of Basmati. Basmati rice worth Rs. 3 thousand crore is exported to other countries. He said that we are fighting on behalf of basmati producing farmers. All the facts will be placed before the center.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan stated that Rs. 265 per quintal is being provided on wheat. In this way, farmers are getting Rs. 2600 crore. An amount of Rs. 1750 crore was paid last year to the farmers as per the decision to give Rs. 200 per quintal. There are claims worth over Rs. 6000 crore under the crop insurance scheme. Amount of drought relief is also being paid.

At the outset, Shri Chouhan extended greetings to the farmers for Navratri. He also congratulated the farmers by giving them credit for getting Krishi Karman Award fifth time consecutively