A fast-track court needs to be established up to Supreme Court for fast punishment: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

30 Jun 2018

The Chief Justice of India Shri Deepak Mishra, while addressing the foundation laying programme of Dharmashastra National Law University’s building and inauguration function of the University at Jabalpur said that education is must for a strong democracy, good governance and law competent government arrangements. Better law education at a wide level should be imparted for country’s development in accordance to the constitution.

Talking about the role of the judiciary, Shri Mishra said that Parliament and Legislative Assemblies enact governing laws. Judiciary awards justice by defining the law properly. Important work of justice becomes possible due to the cooperation of learned lawyers. They play an important role in the impartial and proper execution of law and good lawyers make law schools. Therefore, Law schools and Law universities play an important role. People get fair and soothing justice through learned lawyers.

The Chief Justice asked the students of the Law University to discharge their duties with loyalty, devotion and confidence.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan mentioned that knowledge of law causes rapid and fair justice. He expected that fast track courts should be established up to the Supreme Court for fast punishment. He also said that the resolution of advocates, citizens and the State government is being fulfilled by the establishment of National Law University. The identity of Jabalpur will be established in the country as a city of culture and justice.

The Chief Minister mentioned that the suffering of humanity always needs service and fast justice. Speedy efforts have been made by our courts in this direction. Mentioning about the disgraceful incident of Mandsaur he stated that quick stringent punishment should be awarded through fast-track courts to the culprits, who committed rape. He further mentioned that the state government will provide necessary help for the expansion of the Law University from time to time. There will be no dearth of funds.

Union Minister for Law and Justice Shri Raviprasad Shankar mentioned that establishment of National Law University in Jabalpur is a matter of pride. India is emerging as a strong nation in the world. Remarkable works are being conducted in I.T. and Law sector. He further said that Tele-Law system is being encouraged in the field of information and technology. Efforts are being made by the government to fill vacant posts in Supreme Court and High Courts. He stated that 122 crore persons are linked with aadhaar out of 130 crore population of the country and there are 121 crore mobile users. People must be facilitated with good governance through technology. Shri Prasad mentioned that it is a big achievement for Madhya Pradesh to come out of the backward state category. He lauded the Chief Minister for his efforts.

Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court Justice Shri Hemant Gupta said that establishment of National Law University at Jabalpur is justified. He expressed his gratitude towards the CM.