State-level campaign to increase awareness towards traffic rules

01 Sep 2018

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had given instructions during a meeting of the State Road Safety Council to launch a state-level campaign to increase awareness towards road safety and traffic rules. The awareness campaign will be launched in the urban and rural areas in all districts from September 4 to 11.

Public representatives, influential and elite people of the society, seers, social service organizations, school and college students will be roped in to make the campaign a success. The campaign will be launched by the Chief Minister in Bhopal on September 4. Under this, programmes will be organized in the main squares of the city.

The programme during the public awareness campaign will begin with the campaign for wearing of a helmet while riding two-wheelers and other traffic rules and various programmes to increase awareness road safety, two-wheeler vehicle rally and other widespread campaign programmes will be organized. Efforts will be made to increase awareness particularly towards rules including wearing of a helmet, tying seat belt, risks of drunken driving, not to drive without driving license and insurance, red light jumping and check on over speeding, not making use of mobile while driving etc. Programmes will be organized in different schools and colleges of the city towards adherence to traffic rules and road safety. Programmes will be organized to increase awareness towards the importance of not allowing passengers in tractor-trolley, truck and mini truck and not to allow driving of tractors etc. in krishi mandis, haat-bazaar and rural areas without driving license besides radio taps will be installed behind tractor-trolleys, truck, mini truck etc.

This campaign will be launched in rural areas too. Programmes will be organized in concerned police stations, public representatives, local bodies and Gram Raksha Samitis.