Budhni to Indore (Mangliyagaon) New Rail Line approved

19 Sep 2018

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan expressed gratitude towards Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for approval given by the Committee of Economic Affairs of the Union Cabinet for the construction of 205.5 km-long new rail line between Budhni to Indore (Mangliyagaon). The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 3261.82 crore. CM Chouhan said that mutual cooperation and coordination of the Union and State Government are setting new records of development in the state.

The main objective of the project is development of the rural areas, reduction in traveling time from Indore to Jabalpur as well as from Indore to Mumbai and South. The distance between Indore and Jabalpur will come down by 68 km in comparison to the existing route via Bhopal. Moreover, people and industries of this region will get better transportation facility. This will generate employment in the project area and the direct employment of 49 lakh 32 thousand-man days will be generated during the construction period of the project.

The proposed line will start from the present yard of Budhni and will connect the existing station Mangliyagaon of the Western Railway near Indore. There is a proposal to construct 10 new crossing stations and 7 new halt stations on this route. The project will benefit Sehore, Dewas and Indore district and establish a direct approach from Budhni to Indore. At present, commuters must move from Budhni to Barkheda Ghat section, including Bhopal-Itarsi busy route.

The new line will provide basic infrastructure for industrial development in the surrounding areas and will facilitate socio-economic benefits. This project will also help the development of backward class of this region and establish a direct approach with various towns and villages like Nasrullaganj, Khategaon and Kannod.