CM Shri Chouhan writes letter to CM West Bengal

18 May 2020
CM Shri Chouhan writes letter to CM West Bengal

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has written a letter to the Chief Minister of West Bengal Sushri Mamta Banerjee in connection to the repatriation of migrant workers of her state, working in Indore.

Shri Chouhan has written in his letter that migrant workers, residents of different areas of West Bengal work in Indore. During the lockdown, these migrant workers want to return to their home state, but due to the long distance and lack of government means of transport, some migrant workers are proceeding for West Bengal in private vehicles, which is expensive as well as inconvenient and unsafe option for them.

He further mentioned in his letter that arrangement of special trains has been made by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India for the migrant workers to reach their home state. About one lakh seven thousand migrant workers have been safely repatriated to Madhya Pradesh from other states by 85 Shramik special trains by the state government till now and this process is continuing.

Shri Chouhan vide his letter said that, the Union Ministry of Railways has been apprised of the need and requested on behalf of his state to run a special train between Indore and Kolkata for the convenience of the workers of West Bengal who want to go home from Indore.