Madhya Pradesh"s steps towards the path of self-reliance

31 Oct 2021

Dear people of the state,
Best wishes to all of you on the 66th Foundation Day of Madhya Pradesh. In fact, today is a precious day for the people of the entire state, there is an atmosphere of joy everywhere. 65 years ago, Madhya Pradesh, the heart of the country, was established. Madhya Pradesh has seen many hurdles over the years. Once called the Bimaru State, this state has taken a turn for development in the last 15 years. Since then, we have resolved to create a prosperous and flourishing Madhya Pradesh.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has resolved to make the country self-reliant. In line with his concept, we envisage a self-reliant Madhya Pradesh. Our goal is to make the state self-reliant by 2023.

In fact, we planted the seed of making Madhya Pradesh self-reliant 15 years ago. When I took the oath as chief minister for the first time 15 years ago, Madhya Pradesh lacked basic amenities. Roads, electricity, water, health, education, employment were all lacking in the state. I have dedicated every moment of my life to the development of the state and the upliftment of the people. I have tried all the time to have a different identity of Madhya Pradesh all over the country. Every citizen is a witness to the positive changes and infrastructural development that has taken place in the state, in the last one and a half-decade. Today, I am proud that with the cooperation and blessings of all, we have been able to bring in development and change the state identity, from Bimaru to a developing to self-reliant state.

First of all, we conducted panchayats with people belonging to different sections, at the Chief Minister's residence, to effectively understand the issues faced by them. We sat and discussed and launched various schemes to cater for problems faced by people. Ensured self-respect and dignity to women. We implemented schemes like Medhavi Vidyarthi yojana, Ladli Lakshmi, Kanya Vivah, Sambal as well as Loans to farmers at zero per cent interest rate.

We have formulated schemes for education, safety and respect for women and daughters, in the state.  We ensured for a wholesome happy life of a daughter, from the time she has born. We worked towards providing women with nutrition and safety. Women were made self-reliant by connecting them to self-help groups. Today,  in our state, more than 3 lakh self-help groups are operational, in which 38 lakh 10 thousand women are working and are becoming self-reliant. We have made proper arrangements to identify the products produced by them at the National and International levels. A loan worth  Rs.2550 crore will be provided to them in this financial year, out of which a loan worth Rs.600 crore has been given to them.

Continuous efforts have been made to make the cultivation of ‘annadaata’ a profitable business. First,  we reduced the loan interest from18 per cent to 0 percent. We then put an amount of 1 lakh 49 thousand 670 crore rupees in the accounts of the farmers even during the critical times of Corona. The Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi, giving full respect to the farmers, started depositing rs. 6000 every year to the farmers' Kisan Samman Nidhi account of the. Under the same, we have also started giving a total amount of rs. 10,000 per year by adding rs. 4,000 per year through Kisan Kalyan Yojana. Under this scheme, about rs. 4500 crores have been given to 74 lakh 50 thousand farmers of the state, in the years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.

We have given the utmost priority to the welfare of the poor in the state. An interest-free loan of Rs.10-10 thousand has been given to 6 lakh 20 thousand urban and rural street traders of the state for their livelihood. Financial assistance of 1,000 each has been deposited separately in the accounts of these street vendors during the Corona crisis.

We have done a lot of work in order to improve the medical system in the state. Today, we have been able to create a network of primary and government medical centres spread across all districts of the state, where people are receiving timely treatment. Under Ayushman Bharat Scheme, free medical treatment is being provided to the poor in the state. Under this scheme, more than 2 crore 55 lakh aayushman cards have been given to citizen of state. Madhya Pradesh ranks first in the entire country in the distribution of these cards. Today we have 20 medical colleges established in the state. Janani Express and free 108 facilities have saved the lives of lakhs of people. Pertaining to the achieved effective result of this model, other states also adapted our Janbhagidari model. As the pleasant results of the model were obtained, the other states have also adapted the Janbhagidari Model. So far 7 crore covid vaccination doses have been administered in the state, due to which we have been successful in reducing the risk of a possible third wave. 

When we took over the responsibility of the state, there was a huge problem of electricity, now 24 hours electricity is available in every corner of the state. Farmers are getting enough electricity for irrigation. Not only this, but Madhya Pradesh has also become a leader in the country in the field of solar energy. The work of laying a network of roads in the state was done. We have also established a Road Asset Management System for prioritization of roads and technology-based status assessment in the state. Madhya Pradesh was the first state to start a Public Service Guarantee (LOK SEWA GUARANTEE) Act to ensure that citizens get the benefit of better facilities. Looking at the positive result of the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Guarantee (LOK SEWA GUARANTEE) Act, established to bring good governance, other states also adopted this model. 

To achieve the goal of being self-reliant Madhya Pradesh, working in the field of education is also our top priority. We have decided to start 9200 CM Rise School’s in Madhya Pradesh so that the daughters and sons of our state get quality education. Decided to increase MBBS seats in major medical colleges of the state.

We have also taken many steps in the direction of providing employment to the youth of the state. In the year 2021 as compared to the year 2019-20, we have created 40 per cent more employment in industries in the state. In the last 17 months, 880 new industrial units have been started in which 16 thousand 700 crore rupees have been invested and have provided 47 thousand people employment. Similarly, 1,893 micro, small and medium enterprises have been started in the state, through which 40 thousand people have got employment. 13 new clusters will be started in the state, in which about 25 thousand people will get employment. Through the Rozgar Setu portal, proper employment arrangements have been made for the youth and workers. We are working to provide the youth of the state self-employment opportunities of their own through the Chief Minister Self-Employment scheme. Today the youth has reached the position of giving jobs through Chief Minister Udyami Yojana. With all these efforts and along with public participation, it is our endeavour to make Madhya Pradesh completely self-reliant soon.

The festival of Diwali is near. We have to celebrate the festival with the utmost care because the crisis of Corona is not over yet. I appeal to all the people of the state to celebrate this festival of lights with safety. Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali in advance.

I hope that to realize the dream of self-reliant Madhya Pradesh, I will continue to receive your love and trust in the same way as I have received till now. Let us all together make a flourishing, prosperous and self-reliant Madhya Pradesh. Once again congratulations and best wishes to all of you on the foundation day of Madhya Pradesh.


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