Farmers will derive maximum benefit by amendments in Mandi laws

14 May 2020
Farmers will derive maximum benefit by amendments in Mandi laws

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that ensuring right prices of the crops to the farmers is our first priority. The beginning of Mandis and Purchasing Centre in the private sector will create an environment of competition, which will directly benefit the farmers. This will help in eliminating middlemen and will also give farmers the option to sell their produce. Where there is better facility and better price of the crop, the farmer will sell their crop. Shri Chouhan was addressing the meeting held at Mantralaya regarding implementation of the amended provisions of the Mandi Act.

Shri Chouhan mentioned that the amendments made in Mandi Act and Laws in the interest of the farmers like establishment of private mandis, permission for e-trading, integrated trade license for the whole state, empowering of the Director for agriculture marketing related regulations and control and the jurisdiction of the Managing Director Mandi Board limited to infrastructure development in only government mandis, farmers’ facilities, board meetings etc. and the jurisdiction of the mandi area limited only to the mandi campuses will help the farmers to get maximum value of their produce.

In the meeting, the Minister for Agriculture Shri Kamal Patel said that the arrangement of Sauda Patrak (Sale Letter) is beneficial for the farmers but they should take care that they should not sell their crops at low prices and on credit. It was informed in the meeting that on April 13, by amending the bye-laws of the Mandi committees, the facility of purchasing produce directly from the farmers through the sale letter was provided to the traders. This prevented corona infection from spreading as there was no crowd in the mandis. At the same time, about 80 percent of the total produce to be procured through mandis was procured through the sale letters. As a result of simplification of licensing rules of private purchasing centres, operation of 940 new purchasing centers has started.

Presentation was given in the meeting on rules related to private mandi campus, sub-campus, direct purchasing centre, e-trading platform, application fee for private premises, license fee, license period and minimum required land besides issuance of license for trading agriculture produce, online registration and terms and conditions of license.

Discussions on responsibilities related to private mandi campus and e-trading platform, private mandi, sub-mandi, direct purchasing centre, kisan upbhokta bazaar and fixation of mandi fee for e-rading platform also took place in the meeting. The Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, Agricultural Production Commissioner Shri K.K. Singh, Principal Secretary Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development Shri Ajit Kesri and Mandi Commissioner Shri Sandeep Yadav were also present at the meeting.